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The Band With No Name
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Welcome to our new site, AGAIN.  I like this one the most, and its the easiest to keep up.  We're still the same band from Cedar Cliff High School, waiting our turn to rock out. 
We all grew up around local PA, and know each other from school.  We've got kind of a softer rock sound, but we go hard sometimes. In short, we are willing to play anything.  We have a few original songs in the works now too, that are gonna be awesome.

We give our biggest thanks to Dan Topalian for allowing us to perform at his party.


No Name News
CAMP HILL - It is officially declared by the band that Adam Piontkowski, of Camp Hill is no longer allowed to attend gigs performed by the band.  His sole purpose to attend is to bother us, and or talk us down due to his own insecurities/drug problems.  We want nothing to do with him so he is on a permanent ban with no chance of repentence.  "Adam is nothing but a problem.  We had to have him escorted out of the band's last gig," says Dan Topalian, holder of the band's last gig.  "He was already on thin ice, and we were willing to give him a chance, but now hes done."  Adam is entitled to appeal his ban, but will most likely be defeated.