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The Band With No Name


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Danny T's March 6th:
Andy Sweet:
I thought your performance jonz was real good. I think maybe you guys should make a setlist and kinda adjust it to the audience. Regardless, I think it was "tight" and i think that Behind the Bar is a deece and legit name
Mike Boyer:

danny t's party sucked. your band = good, but don' t kill yourself by overplaying. like take some breaks, take some requests. this formula of variety will equal good shit, which will give you roadie head from your roadies.

Bill Hawthorn:

i thot your band sounded dece but a couple things...steve needs more solos, mike needs to look up more...sam should stop wearing ties cuz it gets in the way of his base need to try and like transition from song to song and cover more songs. i know you guys are jus starting out and i thot you sounded good but those couple things could help


Overall I think we did decently.  That was most definately not our best performance, some others can tell you that.  We still aren't decided on a name, while behind the bar is an awesome name, we think an alteration based on that will turn out to be an awesome name, with a great story behind it.  I understand that my tie gets in my way sometimes while im playing, but theres stuff i can to to get around that (like not wearing a tie)  We do give Steve a bunch of solos, but sometimes theyre hard to hear.  Plus we only play the solos from covers that are written, those solos aren't original (except in the original).  That's all for now.  Oh yeah, and overall that was one of the most boring parties i have ever been too, and I don't even go to that many parties.