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The Band With No Name
About Us


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About the band:


Paul Herold
Nicknames: Paulie, Paul
Paul is the founder and backbone of the band.  He started it in 2000 and has been holding practices at his house ever since.  He is into bands such as Sublime, and Incubus.


Mike Damgaard:
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Nicknames: Mikey D-O-Double Jizzle, Dammy
Mike joined the band once in 2002 and left again to work on a side project.  He rejoined in November.  He is into bands like The Drive Home, Bombing Adam, Brand New, Better Than Ezra, Foo Fighters... you get the deal.


Sam Krepps
Backup Vocals, Bass
Nicknames:  Sammy K, Fredrico, Freddy, Samuel, Sam
Sam has been in the band since 2001 and is a core member.  He is into bands like CKY, HIM, KISS, Dimmu Borgir... and more stuff like that.


Steve Hyder
Lead Guitar
Nicknames:  Steve-O, Emo Kid
Steve helped start the band in 2000, but left in spring 2003 to join Mike in their side project.  He has since rejoined.  Steve is into a whole lot of bands, enough said.

And I've seen what happens to the wicked and proud when they try to take on the throne for the crown. And we learn... As we age... We've learned nothing... And my body still aches. - Brand New - Jaws Theme Swimming